You Are Walking Into a Backlink Landmine

Backlinks are about 2 things:


  1. Rankings
  2. Visitors – and then = money


It’s important to get backlinks to increase your positions in the search engines, so Google and other search engines see authority in your website and ranks your website higher than the lower authority sites out there. Rankings are all about the number of visitors that come to your website. Let me explain why backlinks are important.

Why you should be doing backlinking.

It’s all about Diversity.

We all know that Google is the king of the search of the web, all though Facebook and YouTube have great search information.

“Personally I use Google every day and still use it to find or research information online” (Unless its music or video)

Anyway it’s important to let Google know that your content is original, and has a good range of backlinks from other authority sites that are related to your website.

Now backlinks can come from all different places such as:


  • Forums where people discuss your content.
  • Syndication – the most powerful way to gain quality backlinks.
  • They might Bookmark your blog post, or content on bookmarking sites.
  • They might share it on their blog.


So if Google see you have 20 backlinks from 1 particularly average site. Rather than having 20 backlinks from a range of others websites such as blogs, forums, etc… All related to your market, then Google is going to reward you for that, and therefore move you up in the search results. 구글광고대행

Now PageRank is another area that people are far to obsessed about. PageRank is a score from 0 – 10 and 10 being the most important.

Now people are thinking if I can just get backlinks on the highest PageRank websites then I will rank #1 on all my Keywords. While these do help you massively you are walking into a landmine. Let me explain…

It’s all about looking natural to Google and other search engines by having natural backlinks from low and high PageRanks websites that looks natural to Google.

Because if you just had lots of High PageRank backlinks, then Google is going to think “wait something is wrong here” and they will flag you for it. So are you walking into a Backlink landmine, well you won’t always know, but on the other hand if Google also finds out that the majority of your Backlinks are from paid networks then Google will as they call it (Google Slap you)

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